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A Clarty Christmas

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"Singing the Heritage"


Award winning Lincolnshire based duo singing the history of our islands from their own inimitable perspective.

Winners of the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Folk Songwriting Competition 2005

With "The Day We Went a Drinking at the Show"

Winners of the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Folk Songwriting Competition 2001

With "Jag Day"

Plus The Musicians Union Trophy for Best Live Performance



We’re all social distancing now.


Click here for a sample of the tune


It’s a crazy world we live in. it gets dafter by the day

You just can’t buy a bog roll no matter what you pay

While down the road the public house is giving beer away

It’s a sin to see the world turned upside down

I went down to Tesco provisions for to find

They said I had to wear a mask if to shop I was inclined

When I went as the Lone Ranger It wasn’t what they had in mind

Cos we’re all social distancing now.


Young Lucy she played goalie in the ladies football team

She’d already planned her wedding, The finest ever seen

When lockdown regulations came along to spoil her dream

Just eleven plus the vicar were allowed.

Well for days this limitation it played upon her mind

Who should go and who should stay no answer could she find

In the end she took the team along and left the groom behind

Cos we’re all social distancing now.


Well dating girls is difficult now pubs and bars are shut

You can’t take her to the pictures or down the Pizza Hut

You’re restricted to the internet proposals for to put

It’s enough to make a young lad take the vow.

I met a lass on Facebook she was handsome she was sweet

I said lets get together I could give you such a treat

She said

If you can do it from six feet away you’re a man I’d like to meet

Cos we’re all social distancing now.


Well a pay rise for the nurses would seem a worthy cause

But Boris says that such a thing the nation can’t afford

We should all stand in the High Street and give them some applause

It’s the maximum the budget will allow

But to say we can’t afford it just seems a load of crap

Still I’ll stand here in my driveway and give them all a clap

I’d rather go to Downing Street and give the man a slap

But we’re all social distancing now.


Copyright Jim Hancock 2021





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