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Sending Information for inclusion in Folktalk




Please read carefully before sending material for Inclusion.

At any given time we have hundreds of entries on the site, the easier you can make it the more likely will be the inclusion of your entry.

What's On Listings

Please send in the following format.

Date, Town, Venue, contact No. for use by the general public, Name of your folk club if appropriate, Name of act or event.


Wednesday March 11th. Brigg, Nelthorpe Arms, Bridge Street. 01724 844241 Scanlon's Folk Nights, Singaround.

If you have more than one event please use a separate line for each.

Send listings up to six months in advance

Please include a contact number and / or email for the general public to confirm events before travelling and to buy tickets if appropriate. Please remember that although some mobile users get cheap calls out many landline and pay as you go mobiles can cost up to 40p a minute to call mobile numbers. You will get a much better response if you also include a landline number.

The listings pages are limited to Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire and events just over the border.

We do not include photos, artist biogs or other publicity blurb so save youself the time by not sending them.

In short send as a simple black text on white email.

Send Listings to:


We include genuine news only: new venues opening, old ones closing, news on local personalities or organisations, charity events etc.

Please don't waste your time with thinly disguised adverts for your new CD

Please do not send photographs or graphics except by prior arrangement.

Please do not send posters or flyers as attachment. If we can open them it takes ages to sift the information and then rewrite it in useable format.

In short send as a simple black text on white email.

Send News to:



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