Folk at The Proke, Batley
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Batley: Folk at the Proke


St Mary's Social Club & Parochial Hall, Melton Street , off Crossbank Road, Batley WF17 8PT
Alison Beach writes:

"Folk at The Proke" started up last year with just a few disparate musicians brought together to play and sing and generally do musical things together. Its founder is one Denis Walsh, player of whistles and flute, bodhran, spoons, bongos, and probably other bits of things not yet unveiled. Since its inception, a handful of enthusiastic members have met fortnightly (2nd and 4th Wednesdays) and are slowly getting it together, musically speaking. We can count in addition, two fiddlers, two guitarists who sing a bit too, one double bass, one other singer, and occasional extras. Not enough to break records, not enough to make any, but not to be sniffed at either.

Early on in this venture, Denis mentioned the possibility of putting on 'great guest nights' too, and one look at the main hall at 'The Proke' had me immediately convinced! An absolutely majestic Regency style ballroom, just right for just that: great guest nights. The hall seats 200, in comfort, and puts on a varied programme of theatre, musical entertainment and dancing, but has never seen a folk concert before.

For further information about the venue, visit http://www.stmarybatley.co.uk/.

The social club, known locally as The Proke, gave us a ready name for our folk club, and the folkies of West Yorkshire have been generous with their support and encouragement. And so we are ready to roll out our first concert programme for the coming year, comprising four double-guest nights on 24 September, 29 October, 28 January and 25 March.

24 September: Tom Napper/Tom Bliss and Damien Barber & Fay Hield
29 October: Robin Garside and The Duncan McFarlane Band

Alison Beach, July 2004  


Winter - Spring 2005

Friday 28 January 2005: QuickSilver & Crucible
Tickets £8, concessions £4.50, under 10s free

Friday 8 April 2005: Strawhead & Maggie Boyle
Tickets £9, concessions £5, under 10s free

Autumn - Winter 2005-6

Friday 14 October 2005: Uiscedwr with Pat Ryan & Ken Howard. £5

update: due to ill-health, Uiscedwr have had to cancel. Their place will be taken by up-and-coming young band Kerfuffle.

Friday 25 November 2005: Niblik and Sonny. £6
Friday 27 January 2006: Vin Garbutt. £9
Friday 31 March 2006: Idle Road & Jill Fielding Band. £5
This is a change to the previously advertised programme.

Concerts start 8.30 pm. No ticket concessions. Under 10s free.

Autumn 2006 - Spring 2007

Friday 20 October: Bernard Wrigley plus Pat Ryan & Ken Howard. £5.

Friday 19 January: Last Night's Fun. £8.

Friday 20 April: Colum Sands. £9.

Concerts start 8.30. No concessions, under 10s free, pay on the door.

I look forward to meeting old friends and making new friends at this terrific folk venue. If you would like flyers or tickets for these concerts, or further information, please contact me on 01484 647575, or email: alison.beach@virgin.net.

Alison Beach  


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