The Whitfield Raku Kiln

Low Cost : Low Maintenance
Fully Portable : Low Firing Costs
Large Firing Chamber
Ideal For Beginner or Experienced Potter
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The Whitfield Raku Kiln
(Pots not included)

At last, a low cost, fully portable and totally user friendly raku kiln which offers all the pleasure and excitement of the Raku firing process to both novice and expert alike.

With the Whitfield system you can experience all the fun and creativity of Raku glazing instantly. The kiln comes ready for immediate use, No complex self assembly, no plans to follow, just connect to your propane supply and away you go.

Designed by potters for potters, the Whitfield raku kiln uses the latest in refractory technology to produce consistent firing results to the highest standards. The propane fuelled burner gives an even temperature throughout the generously sized firing chamber at extremely low cost, approximately £5 for a seven hour firing session

Used by some of the U.K.'s top professional potters the kiln is lightweight and fully portable and is ideal for educational, recreational and professional use.

Available as a complete ready to use outfit (gas not supplied) from as little as £390 (including delivery and tuition) with a full backup service of spares, accessories and individual components to suit your needs.


Technical specifications - Subject to change without notice

External dimensions

Height in use - 84 cm.
Height for storage / transport - 68 cm.
Diameter - 46 cm.

photo raku firing 


Firing chamber dimensions

Chamber area with kiln shelf fitted.
Height - 43 cm.
Diameter - 33 cm

Weight (Kiln only)

10 kilos

Propane gas burner

Model: Ckarke PC 216
Connection type 3/8 G sin
Cal/h at 1 bar = 24120

Raku Kiln Price list

All prices are inclusive of appropriate taxes etc. together with packing and delivery to destinations on the U.K. mainland

The complete, ready to fire package -

A ready to use package comprising the Whitfield kiln complete with Propane gas burner, gas burner stand, regulator and gas supply hose, 2 x 260 mm kiln shelves and a set of three ceramic props. Also includes a pair of protective leather gauntlets and 84 cm steel tongs for loading and unloading. Full instructions included. (Gas not supplied)

All kilns are delivered by Whitfield Kilns at a date and time to suite you and includes a free demonstration and tuition if required. Why not invite a few friends round for a little raku party? (No extra charge to you, but a small charge may be made for guest’s pots.

£390 including packing and delivery (U.K. mainland)

Whitfield supply a complete range of replacement parts for the raku kiln and gas burner, together with tools and safety equipment.

Raku clay, glazes and kiln furniture are available on request, call us on 07759 944 716

You can see the Whitfield Raku Kiln in action, fire a sample pot and chat with the Whitfield staff at a range of events across the


Raku Kiln



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