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Our vision

Every one of the 5 million people in Yorkshire and the Humber should be aware of folk arts and have a chance to take part; and every child in every school in the region should have the chance to learn traditional music, song and dance.


As the situation throughout the county changes on a daily basis it would seem pointless to attempt to offer meaningful advice here. You can find the current government information at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

The one thing we can be certain of is that the future of folk in the county will be very different from the past. There is no doubt that we will lose clubs, venues, audiences and performers and therefore I’ve put the site on hold until things sort themselves out. It would be helpful however if performers and businesses would check their entries and confirm that they still exist even if not operational at the moment.





Photo: Maltby Phoenix Sword at DERT 2005: link to news page 
Maltby Phoenix Sword




Directory Update

We are constantly updating the Regional Folk Arts Directory. It would help considerably if those people, organisations, performers etc. who are listed in the directory could check their entries and if it's more than a year old please drop an email to Jim Hancock to confirm that it's up to date or to make any changes.

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Regional Traditions

A series of short introductions to traditional activities in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, past and present.

If you would like to contribute an item on some particular tradition for your part of Yorkshire drop a line to Jim Hancock







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