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Directory Submission Form



If you organise a festival and would like to be included in our online directory and our database, fill in this form and we will add your details to the Festival listings. Note that we cannot always guarantee inclusion.

Please complete the relevant details below and then click the "submit" button at the bottom. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.* All others are optional, but the more complete the details you give us, the more useful your entry will be to you and to your public. Please remember that some people can pay as much as 40p. per minute to call a mobile, so it's worth including a landline as well as a mobile number.

Please note:

This form does NOT add your details automatically. They are sent to us; we then add them if they are appropriate.

It is intended that the entry should be accurate year on year so please do not include time sensitive information such as guests and prices

Category of entry:


*Festival name:
Brief description: Max 50 words. Please do not include Guest list, prices etc.
Local authority area in which you are based:
Contact name
*Contact address:
Landline Telephone:
Mobile Telephone:
*May we include your postal address with your directory entry?
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*May we include your details in our database?
 The information is not passed on to third parties.
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*Would you like to be added to our Email list?
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