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Directory Submission Form

Concert Venues



This form is for those events which do not fall within the conventional "Folk / roots / acoustic club format. e.g. concerts on irregular dates and days.

Please complete the relevant details below and then click the "submit" button at the bottom. The more complete the contact details you give us, the more useful your entry will be to you and to your public.

This form does NOT add your details automatically. They are sent to us; we then add them if they are appropriate.

It is intended that the entry should be accurate year on year so please do not include time sensitive information such as guests dates and prices.

Category of entry:

  Concert Venue

Name of promoter or organisation or concert series as applicable. Ignore this if events are promoted by the venue owners.

*Venue name

Venue Address

Brief description: Max 50 words. Please do not include Guest list, prices, dates etc. Please give some indication of frequency of concerts e.g. regular, occasional, monthly etc.

Local authority area in which you are based:

Contact name

*Contact address:


Landline Telephone:

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