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Mumming: The Long Company

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Mumming: The Long Company



8 o'clock people assemble around a torch lit performance area. The Long Company appears, processing to music out of the dark night slowly and eerily, led by Old King Christmas ringing his bell. The characters, each more than seven feet tall, are larger than life. Beelzebub calls each on with a verse of their song. Their manner of performance is measured, more ritualistic than riotous. As the play finishes, the mummers form a circle raising their swords, staffs, mattock and fork high into the air, before processing back again into the night. The identity of each 'actor', a closely guarded secret, is protected by the majestic coloured strip costumes reflecting the torchlight.

All performances start at 8 pm and are followed by a session of seasonal songs and music. Further details from

Ryburn 3 Step
103 Oldham Road, Ripponden, W. Yorks. HX6 4EB
Telephone / Fax: 01 422 822 569
Email: ryburn3step@backshift.demon.co.uk
Website: http://www.ryburn3step.org.uk/

The Long Company Mummers




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